Landlord Obligations


Listed below are a number of legislations and Housing Acts that you as a landlord must comply with by law when renting out your property.

Energy Performance Certificate

Since January 2013, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law whenever a property is rented out to a new Tenant. An EPC gives Landlords and Tenants information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of their property.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 and as amended in 1998

On 31 October 1994 the above regulations came into force stating that all gas appliances, pipe work and flues must be checked annually by a registered engineer to ensure they are safe. The registered engineer must be qualified to work on the particular type of appliances or systems and the appropriate copy of the certificate must be given to the Tenants.

The Electrical Equipment (safety) Regulations 1994

This regulation states that electrical installations/appliances must be ‘safe’ and not cause ‘danger’. In order to meet these requirements the electrical supply and all electrical appliances must be tested by a qualified electrician. A check annually or when a new tenant takes possession of the property is recommended. 

Portable Appliance Tests

Landlords who let out properties are required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe. The Electrical Equipment (safety) Regulations 1994 require that all mains electrical equipment including cookers, washing machine, kettles etc new or second hand, supplied with the accommodation must be safe.

The Furniture and Furnishings (fire) (safety) Regulations 1988- Amended 1993

Any furniture supplied as part of a new letting must comply with the above regulations.

Smoke Detectors

In June 1992 The Department of Environment (DOE) brought out regulations stating that all new properties must be fitted with mains operated smoke detectors. These must be installed on every floor and it is important that all devices are checked regularly. Older buildings are allowed to have battery operated smoke alarms and are recommended to be fitted to stairways and halls on each floor.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

As part of the Housing Act 2004 the Government introduced tenancy deposit protection for all assured short hold tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales where a deposit is taken. From 6th April 2012, deposits for all assured short hold tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales must now be protected within 30 calendar days of receipt by the landlord. We at MAS Property Services are members of the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) which is a government-authorised scheme.

Inventory Guidance and Notes

An accurate inventory is essential if your home and its contents are to be returned to you in the same condition at the end of the tenancy. Fair wear and tear should be expected.

All of the above can be arranged by our office at very competitive prices. To find out more please give us a call.